Sunday, April 8, 2018

Febbit Bitcoin Mining Simulator For Free No Need Investment

How to Get Started

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Febbit basically lets you earn Bitcoin by simply playing a fun game. Here, you will use credits as the official currency of the game. All you need to do is complete missions, upgrade chips, and receive payment all at the same time.

To get started with the game, you just need to click the button labeled Collect & Refill on the site’s Miner page. Just like that, you can then start mining. You will also be able to check the amount of time left for you to mine at the bottom part that is labeled Battery.

Each time you level up, you are going to receive the Cache which will contain a Chip once opened. Chips are used for improvement of your Miner to let you mine faster and much more efficiently. The inventory page is where you can see all those chips you were able to unlock. You only need to click on every individual chip to Sell, Upgrade, or Equip them. A chip is not going to work until it is equipped.

More Playing Mean More Earnings

The primary goal of the game is to try to find more rare chips then upgrade these to their full limit. You will receive a Cache which can be opened for a chip once you have leveled up. The caches also contain chips of different rarities and types. You can then upgrade these chips for increasing the boost they provide.

  • When you reach a higher level, you will be equipped at once with more chips.
  • You will be equipped with chips for you to make the most out of their bonus.
  • Different colors mean different rarities.
  • You can mix and match chips for creating the most powerful combination.


Real Bitcoin Rewards Await You With This Bitcoin Mining Simulator

With Febbit, you will be able to earn real satoshi every time you mine.
  • Get real Bitcoin rewards – Every tome a block is mined, you will be able to collect rewards of Febbit and Bitcoin. The bitcoin can be redeemed on the profile page once you reach more than the minimum threshold.
  • Refill battery – Battery can be refilled for collecting your rewards and extending the battery life with the chips for you to get more rewards.
  • Boost - Chips can be used for increasing your boost rate and boost time for you to earn more rewards at a faster rate.
  • Works even while away – Battery chips can be used for extending the time you will be mining for. You can mine for several hours even if you are offline.
  • Open caches – Receive legendary rewards by opening caches which will greatly boost the number of chips you receive.
  • Upgrades – You can upgrade chips for you to increase their boost.

Febbit is 100% Legit and Paying: Payment Proof to my Faucethub Account


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